14 December 2008

TSA: A Welcome at Dulles

Most of us have learned to dress for airport security (no shoe laces, few layers), pack for Xray (easy to unpack laptops), and wait to buy bottled water. There's been another preparation: steel ourselves for rudeness. That's because any expression of exasperation after being barked at by airport personnel can be misread by security personnel and land you in a time-consuming interview.

Here's my happy report from Thanksgiving travel between Dallas and Dulles: not only no rudeness, but downright helpfulness from airport personnel. TSA folks were as close to folksy as could be, although the people examining bags were as somber as usual. The airline's counter and gate agents went out of their way to find me a great seat on an earlier flight. No one barked at any station. I saw more smiles.

My experience matches the press releases: TSA understands that it has a PR problem and is wise enough to know that a PR problem ends up being a cooperation issue in a business that hinges on customer cooperation.

Half of my Thanksgiving travel was uncrowded. The other half was crowded. TSA was pleasant on both halves. I'll be interested to hear friends and family report on December travel.

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