12 December 2008

Personal Technology: Power Cord on the Air Desk

Hard to say which I value more: the extra power cord for the laptop or the air desk. So, I have both. Twice. That is, the dome has an air desk upstairs and another downstairs.

Air desks cost too much but after one becomes accustomed to suspended laptops, it's hard to go back to holding one. (I have a beautiful lap board that I'll display on another Friday.) As you may be able to discern from the photo, an air desk has plastic platforms (1 or 2 or 3, of varying sizes) on arms that allow the computer to swing away with little effort.

An extra power cord for a laptop isn't quite the luxury it used to be. In my history of laptops, I started buying extra cords just a few years ago when prices dropped. Today's extra cordage is half the cost of 12 years ago.

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