26 December 2008

Boomer Lens: Marley & Me

It doesn't matter what any reviewer proclaims about Marley & Me (the movie), this film will be a blockbuster, heartwarmer, and all around family classic. We contributed to its opening day proceeds, with our new Christmas tradition of going to a movie early in the day.

There is no real surprise in the story. Most of us have had family joys and family sadnesses, and a good portion of us would also claim to have had the world's worst dog. Still, we enjoy the parts of the movie that make it a blockbuster, heartwarmer, and all around family classic.

The boomer lens is satisfied with glimpses of Alan Arkin and Kathleen Turner. (Our Xer daughter didn't have the same reaction but that's what generational differences are all about.) Arkin's and Turner's physical appearance backs up an observation from years ago: as male actors age, they benefit most from clean-cut grooming; as actresses age, they benefit most from "relaxed" dress and hair. In Marley & Me, Kathleen Turner hits that mark. So well, in fact, that the dialogue's poodle reference works.

(The observation about screen views of aging actors is my own. I formed it 4 decades ago when I saw a then-young Colleen Dewhurst pull off an on-screen aging of a character by letting her hair appear mussed and slightly gray. The real Dewhurst never reached old age: she died in 1991 at the age of 67.)

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coffee buzz said...

judging by the box office, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money...