24 December 2008

One Boomer Woman's Holiday Cards

Holiday card exchange now includes the Internet. E-cards have matured and I enjoy them just as much as the physical kind.

A former student sent me a winter greeting online from the Jacquie Lawson collection. The programming of Lawson's cards is impressive (and has been for several years) and this year the artist has added considerable interactivity to some of them. Especially Lawson's dog cards are great choices for children.

(I was inspired to renew my subscription at Lawson's site: $18 for 2 years.)

Last night I finally clicked on my e-card from American Airlines that arrived via email. I'm actually impressed by a corporate e-card? I am.

And even though I quit sending snail-mail holiday cards 10 years ago, I am lucky to continue to receive cards from more than a dozen friends and relatives. A former student insists on giving me gift certificates, three artists in the family send original creations, and far away nieces send us cards never expecting reciprocity. Missing this year: Tom's card from his employer. Post-layoff, there are no holiday greetings!

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net_boo said...

If you like ecards, here are some beautiful, animated ecards for Christmas, including some from Jacquie Lawson.