22 December 2008

Kindergartners on a polar express

Admittedly, I had not imagined the number of children riding on polar express trains last week but I now have the images in my brain.

My niece Jacqueline teaches kindergarten and told me and other relatives at a holiday gathering about her experience with her K class. They all wore pajamas, of course, as did the teachers for the 45-minute round-trip train ride. Seats were arranged in clusters of four and children juggled their mugs of hot chocolate on their own. (No tables on the train—but there was only one partial spill, which speaks well of 5- and 6-year-olds.)

Jacqueline was enriched by the experience beyond the acquisition of a pair of flannel pajamas: she sat with 3 children and had uninterrupted conversation with them. She told us that the regular teaching day never affords that luxury. So, she enjoyed the train ride on more than one level.

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lil chef said...

We have the Lionel Polar Express train in our dining room at present. Hope you saw pictures. It comes with its own village.....and we have had numerous kids touring! All I need is the flannel pj's and hot chocolate!