16 December 2008

Home for the Holidays: Fertility Grilling

A few weeks ago in San Antonio, I had dinner with a group of boomer women and conversation moved to holiday stresses. One of them told about a young friend's dread of traveling home to Florida for holidays because of her relatives' questions about when she would have another baby. I volunteered advice, which is only half-joking: tell the relatives that her poor husband has fertility issues and a second child is not likely.

The group of women expressed the obligatory opinion that the daughter should be able to tell the truth (she likes having only one child) and have that respected by the relatives. Then they acknowledged that relatives who ask questions about reproduction are probably relatives who want more of a reason than, "I don't want to."

At that point the group got creative. The couple can tell her relatives that she has a fertility issue, and his relatives that he has a fertility issue. That way, any resulting gossip (which could go on for years) will be equal between them.

Not a recommended course of action.

But an entertaining thought, nonetheless.

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