13 December 2008

Bye Bye Buggy: New Developments in the Stroller World

I knew that strollers and car seats progressed dramatically in the past 25 years. They are prettier and softer and sometimes even more convenient to use.

I also knew that stroller manufacturers rolled out twin and triplet strollers to the extent that they are now common. When I was a stroller pusher, those models were rare and expensive. Well, this week I've learned what is expensive now in the stroller world. It's the day care stroller. Sometimes on sale for under a thousand dollars.

After spotting a Bye Bye Buggy, I couldn't resist the google search. It produced:

Bye Bye Buggy
Turtle Bus
Quad Stroller

Being boomer-aged makes me appreciate the ingenuity of these products and simultaneously certain that I don't want to push one.

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lil chef said...

I love the Bye Bye Buggy! I've pushed one many, many miles! Kids love it. The real trick is getting them all in it at the same time!

Party Like a VIP said...

I bet all the moms in the world wont have any more problem carrying their kids out! Totally awesome!