11 December 2008

Boomer Woman Transported by Film

Friends and family will confirm that I am not much influenced by a movie's reputation or review in deciding to go see it. In fact, there's little decision-making at all. I'll see anything.

But my usual fare is comedy. Sometimes romance. Sometimes the combination. I'm never dissuaded by a critic's warning of banality. "That's OK. I don't mind mindless."

While my usual pattern is to go to a movie in spite of the newspaper review, yesterday I went to a film in reaction to a review.

Chicago Tribune's Matt Pais on Transporter 3:
"Because sometimes you're just in the mood to see a car park on top of a moving train."

Who could resist that invitation? I went. And, hey, compared to the bicycle sequence, the car-park on the moving train was the realistic part of the movie.

I have no idea what Transporters 1 and 2 entailed but I am mildly amused at 3. And that I've seen it.

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