09 December 2008

DVDs in a redbox near you

I've never used redbox and have never heard anyone talk about it. But I have seen several red boxes in area stores, so I was aware of the growing use of automated DVD rental booths. My surprise today, at a McDonald's near San Antonio, was an outdoor redbox. At first glance, I thought the fast food restaurant had placed a walk-up ordering booth for food. Not very logical, obviously, as the booth was literally right in front of the restaurant. In a few seconds the purpose of the booth registered: this was a place to pick up DVD rentals. For heaven's sake.

My next thought was, gee, how many people coming for McDonald's actually want to pick up a DVD, too? And literally 10 seconds later a car pulled alongside and the driver went to the redbox. And that's all he came for. So, fast food has nothing to do with DVD rentals. Except that McDonald's owns a large chunk of redbox. And is smart to realize that great restaurant locations can be great other-things locations.

Redbox has its own web site (www.redbox.com) and a remarkable amount of humor under HELP, beyond the general faq. (Click that tab for basics but keep reading the next HELP tabs to marvel at the humor. This is corporate McDonald's? Really?)

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