29 December 2008

Leaning Toward "Sherman"

$250, gift from Katy
$4.48, dog food
$6.97, puppy pads
$2.84, dog treat
$6.88, pooper pick-ups
$2.62, leash
$1.52, chew sticks
$2.24, Clr Adj (cannot even remember what that is)
$8.87, water bowl (specifically with non-skid rim that's still dishwasher safe)
$24.88, pet bed
$7.99, medium Kong (toy for holding food treats)
$0.99, cloth rope toy
$10.99, NCF SO9 (must be something necessary)
$1.47, tennis balls
$111.99, dog crate
$2.99, Holiday dog chew on 50% sale
$3.49, more Holiday chew on 50% sale
$22.99, pooper scooper
$15.99, water bottle specifically for travel (built-in bowl)
$29.99, harness with seat belt connection for car travel

We're not totaling the receipts. We are helping with one segment of the economy as we outfit the dome for this new resident, a Labradoodle.

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