02 August 2010

The Staging Stuff: Decision-Making

This blog will be a little different in the month of August as we deal with the staging stuff. That is, the household items we removed from our home at the direction of the house stager.

I might not hit the regular posting days of Monday and Friday. I might not even be able to identify a day by its name. My greatest concern is that I won't remember what city I'm in.

That's already happened this month and it's only August 2.

This photo reflects not the biggest of our problems with belongings, rather the most challenging in terms of decision-making. When you rent a storage unit (actually, we rented two) and put stuff in it, eventually you have to decide how to take stuff out. Timing, locations, and hardest of all, the decision to sort and toss as you now admit that you lived without the item for 5 months. Do we really need two wheeled ice chests when the only one we use is a soft-sided smaller version?

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