29 May 2011

Return of the Blog

I wondered what would make me post again. I've been photographing things for months. Writing blog entries in my mind when I've run across really neat boomer-related factoids. But didn't feel that urge to log on and write. What got me back online? A movie, of course.

The Hangover Part II was recommended to me yesterday by a colleague from another generation. (The sell was not necessary. I laughed out loud when I saw the first Hangover. Cringed a lot. But laughed out loud). What I found charming about her recommendation was the warning of male frontal nudity.

Not to worry. Not offended.

But during today's viewing I had to reflect that the 2011 male frontal nudity is decidedly different from the 1968 mere flash in Planet of the Apes. Context matters, of course.

And today's viewing had another comparison to a past movie that I'm betting some boomer peers will recall. Hangover's loss of a finger is much more raucus (intentionally spelled differently from raucous as I'm seeing a distinction among urban uses, which is not necessarily anything anyone cares about, I know) than the one in True Grit in 1969.

So, in one 2011 film I have updated some memorable images from more than 40 years ago. Well, not really, of course, because I kept my eyes closed a lot today. At least for the finger images.

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