04 July 2011

Transformational Cinema

Over the holiday weekend, I went to two movies. One very expensive. One not quite as expensive. Both still contrast to my sharp memory of a Saturday in 1975 when I told myself that $10 was just too much to spend on my movie outing. And so it was years, perhaps a decade, before I allowed myself that indulgence.

This weekend? Oh, my. Beyond indulgence.

On Saturday, I went to a 3D movie at an iPic cinema. I knew it was a different kind of place. No ticket booth. Rather, a maitre d behind a big, shiny black desk. Did I want to select my seat and have service? Sure. $27.

After being seated, I ordered from a menu. Now, I've done Movie Tavern in Texas. I know how to behave. I was still surprised at my bill of $23.

Did I make clear that this outing was for one person attending one movie?

I do not regret seeing the film. (Never do!) But I will admit that I spent some minutes playing with words: interminable, terminate this, and so forth. Much later I realized I was confusing my movie root word and was, in fact, in a different film altogether. But you get the idea and know what I was watching.

Sunday's movie was a tad cheaper. (Total bill $18: no 3D, no service, the usual dietCoke, and a new treat. Read on.) And a better film. Super 8 is simply super. I will have to see it again, of course. You should, too.

And this different theatre had a different treat. I said, "Do you have a smaller box of Junior Mints?" And the lad said, "No, but I have them frozen. Do you want them frozen?" I said I didn't know. "They're really good. You should try them. Do you want to try them?"

Well, OK. And his prompting was actually a great way to begin the movie. Youthful enthusiasm. We should all try that, too.

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