23 December 2008

Boomers Exhausting Holiday Giftwrap

News reports on holiday shopping are making clear that many Americans are holding back. The retailers doing well in this season are those offering very deep discounting to draw shoppers to their stores. Consumer experts wonder what those retailers can do post-holiday when shoppers will expect even greater discounts.

My conversations in the past week have not centered on gift shopping, but rather gift-wrapping shopping. Three boomer women have told me that they are not buying any wrap or ribbons. All are determined to exhaust the supplies they have on hand and then adopt green alternatives.

One additional comment was made by a non-boomer (meaning, young) woman: "I'm buying only silver paper from now on. Change the ribbon and it can fit any occasion."

My own experience is that I have more than a dozen rolls of Christmas and Hanukkah wrap. It may take years to work my way through them. But this year, all the name tags went quickly. As the package in the foreground (in the above graphic) demonstrates, a visiting 2-year-old can make short work of all available stickers.

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