21 December 2008

Holiday shopping picking up

People may fall into three categories: those who buy and eat Lofthouse cookies, those who eat Lofthouse cookies purchased by others, and those who have no idea what this is about.

Yesterday at Walmart in Hot Springs, Arkansas, these were the fast-moving merchandise. Obviously much slower moving: cut flowers turning brown around the edges. On the plus side, the shoppers at Walmart proved the biggest and most bustling holiday event I've seen in this season.

Today I'm back in Texas and will check out the shopping crowds in the days leading to Christmas.

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1 comment:

lil chef said...

I have no idea what Lofthouse cookies are but I've been making tons of red velvet cupcakes and Rolo cookies. Do they count anywhere? I was at the Jackson, MS airport yesterday. It was completely empty. Does that mean people are staying home for Christmas?