15 December 2008

Best Holiday Gifts for the Young and for the Retired

Best holiday gifts....

...for very small children: socks
Old friends of ours gathered for their first grandchild's second Christmas. In fact, all the grandparents were present. A normal round of competition had ensued and this 22-month-old boy had quite an array of toys. He played with only one gift: a 6-pack of colorful socks. His mother looked sternly at all the grandparents and said, "We're all going to remember this next year. Right?"

...for anyone retired: consumables
Those little jars of marmalade really do have a purpose. Same for the small packets of fancy hot chocolate or flavored coffee that no one buys for themselves. Small denomination gift cards at McDonald's, Sonic, etc., are also welcomed but the emphasis should be on low cost. It's amazing how many of those cards are lost every year.

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lil chef said...

What I want to know is where you got the picture of those socks?? I know you haven't been to the mall!