27 November 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey: A Non-Cook's Left-overs Recipe

There are many among you who will laugh at the thought that I might offer a holiday cooking tip. Laugh away. This is a tip for non-cooks and I know it is a brilliant one because I am a non-cook.

Turkey Tip for Non-Cooks:

After the turkey dinner, when you are down to turkey carcass, you, too, can have turkey left-overs. This use of the carcass does not require leeks or stock or carrots or any of the things that cooks are saving up for their left-over cooking.

1) Refrigerate the carcass; leave it in the roasting pan; this will take a lot of cling wrap.

2) Heat the oven to 350 degrees or whatever number you use on auto-pilot because 350 is merely my auto-pilot number.

3) Remove the cling wrap from the turkey carcass.

4) Put the carcass in the oven. (Notice that you did not have to wash the roasting pan prior to this. Eventually, you will have to wash it but this left-over cooking has at least delayed that chore. Unless you thought to buy a disposable aluminum pan at the grocery store yesterday.)

5) When shreds of meat on the carcass start looking pretty crispy, remove from oven.

6) Nibble on the carcass.

Now, this may not match a cook's idea of savory left-overs, but a non-cook will be pretty proud of this. I am.

On a personal note: The source for this turkey tip is my sister's mother-in-law, Cecile, who continues to use every part of the buffalo. That is an aphorism known to baby boomers raised by depression-era family. ~ Lida

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lil chef said...

So....whose turkey was this?? I know you don't have a roaster pan like that and that you did not cook that bird! Hope it was good though!