18 November 2008

The Plant Has Died

The Schefflera has died. I know its name only because a neighbor in my last town exclaimed, "You are keeping a Schefflera alive?"

And I didn't actually learn the name that day but my sister later explained it slowly to me. I don't remember how I came to acquire the plant but I came to know it well. The Schefflera served as the only plant that lived with us year after year. (Sorry, Carol. The little bamboo plants didn't make it.)

Friends and relatives know me for my affection toward dead things. I have lots of twigs and vines in the house. Dried grasses. You get the idea. Pretty things that need no tending.

Except for the Schefflera. The one that confounded my neighbor. My secret to its long life was watering it only when I remembered. This meant it could go for weeks (sometimes even months) without attention. Pruning? Are you kidding? I picked up dropped leaves when I noticed them. That's usually when it would occur to me to add water to the planter.

That plant lasted 11 years.

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Lillian Chenoweth said...

No tears for the schef but is the iPhone okay?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the schef and the bamboo! I think we (I) got so excited about the shape of the container... I didn't think about the amount of water it would need... obviously a larger amount!

Not to worry; I can get more bamboo for you AND a larger vase. We will just put some dried stuff it the thin vase.