25 November 2008

Accommodating Visitors at Home

In an earlier post about The Child Visitor, I explained the use of a indoor play yard to good advantage. We are advancing. How to accommodate The Child's continued need for a soft rubber (washable) floor and yet introduce some slightly more mature seating? How to continue to slow her down when clearly she can move faster than anyone else in the house?

The reconfigured the play yard will be tested once this week with few adults in attendance and once next week with many adults in attendance. The fact that the new configuration reminds me of a dog run is meaningless.

I am interested in accommodations. How often do we create a setting (at home or away) for the comfort of a dear friend? We ask about food preference, activity preference, even seating preference. The Sociologist always understands when I say I don't care about the food choice, I just want a warm booth in any restaurant.

Katy Bold patiently picks up my movie shawl for me, something she would never take to the cinema on her own. It's really a super soft baby blanket from Pottery Barn Kids, but movie shawl sounds more sophisticated.

And I try to plan for The Child Visitor's comfort. I wish I could say that I have her "wants" uppermost, also, but her chief want is to play with my jar of coins and occasionally put a penny in her mouth. No other friend puts me through that trauma.

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