20 November 2008

Rushing Christmas

You will find no horrified rant about people who rush Christmas, here. This year, I am one of the rushers. I do like an extended holiday season although I typically wait until Thanksgiving to decorate if only to avoid criticism. This year, the tree will go up early, not out of special celebration but out of necessity. This week is the week the labor is available to hang lights and erect the tree.

Yes, I said erect. I resisted artificial trees until we moved to the dome. But with a 30' ceiling, how can a person resist a 14' tree? And who wouldn't prefer manhandling a fake tree at that height?

There was one year with an even more artificial tree: Christmas at a lodge in Williamsburg required ingenuity. Katy and Ethan were charged with getting a tree that year. They projected the image above on the wall of the hotel room and, yes, we opened gifts under it.

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