11 November 2008

Boomers Traveling: Sharing Car Space

The Bolds driving their smallest car (smallest ever, not just currently) for a road trip means making comparison between compact and full-sized van, compact and SUV, and compact and mini-van. The full-sized van offered a full-sized bed in the back but, of course, the gas mileage was about 14 miles/gallon. The SUV provided some stretch-out space and mileage was in the low 20s, but its only real superiority was in its cup holders.

For best of most worlds, I liked the mini-van for travel: gas mileage in the mid-20s, enough stretch-out space for sleeping, and room enough to move between seats easily (my favorite feature).

So, here we are in the Prius. Not a good car for sleeping. Not the best cup holders. Certainly not good for moving between seats. But gas mileage of 48 to 52 miles/gallon.

On the last trip across half the country, I decided to create as good a riding space as possible. I called it the mini-mini-van. Sitting in the larger half of the split back-seat, I arranged travel bags and pillows so that I could lounge comfortably with a fair number of technology toys within reach. I pushed the passenger-side front seat forward and removed its head rest. This permitted full view of the road ahead. From the back seat I also gained full view of the instrument panel, thereby able to advise Tom on his speed and gas tank level any time I darn well felt like it.

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