01 November 2008

Personal Technology: Disposable Laptop

I replaced a laptop this week. After the requisite gnashing of teeth, I appreciated that I have a new guideline for personal technology. Never pay more than $650 for a laptop.

That's because this week's Boomer (I could not resist but I don't have vanity plates on the car, I promise) has all the features of the 13-month-old (now expired) Gazebo (named for the imagery of sitting in a backyard computing even though I do not have a gazebo and the only person I know who ever did was The Sociologist's daughter—for one brief semester—and we only talked about hiding out at her rental house in retreat mode) at roughly one-third the cost. In fact, Boomer even has more memory than Gazebo did.

A crash is never pleasant but I'm your Pollyanna. I am reminded of the importance of daily back-up. I will adopt more web applications (AKA cloud computing) so that my software tools are in cyberspace, not on my hard drive. And I will definitely be one of the non-children using a $100 laptop when the time comes.

There's one more thing. Boomer came with a sticker on its interior announcing that its "finish adds lustrous sophistication." Same sticker displayed some fine print at the bottom, "See disclaimers on product box."

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