21 November 2008

Personal Technology: Replacement iPhone

Thank you for your inquiries. You felt my pain. Image at left is iPod, not iPhone, but the reason will be apparent shortly.

Last weekend I dropped my iPhone on the tile floor of the kitchen. It was an impressive drop. I waited a while before turning on the phone but I wasn't surprised when I was met with a messy screen. I was lucky that the phone still worked, but the display was highly unreliable and some screens were simply unreadable.

So, I went to the Apple store and made my first Genius Bar appointment. Um. Five hours in the future. The concierge (yes, I said concierge) offered immediate appointment with a sales associate but that would mean a replacement cost of $399. The more likely "accidental damage" replacement possible at the Genius Bar, she advised, would be $199. So, then, I went back to the Apple store five hours later.

My assigned Genius was sympathetic and set about an examination. He commented that this severe a display problem would normally be accompanied by a dent or at least a scratch on the phone. This phone looked perfect. Was it possible that the display problem came at some other time than the drop on the floor? "No," I assured him, "it was a definite thud. And the next time I turned on the phone, the display was messed up."

The Genius was not persuaded. "I think the case would show signs of external damage, too." I really did not know how to explain to the Genius any better than I had, and, in truth, I began to distrust his Genius status.

Then, he made a stroke of Genius: "I'm going to replace this phone at no cost. I'm very sorry you've had this experience with your iPhone."

Um. OK.

So, I did what any boomer-aged woman would do at that point. I went over to the iPod table and picked out a stunning black Nano for my niece as a holiday gift. (It's OK. I'd bet money that this teenager is not reading my middle-aged blog.)

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lil chef said...

What a great aunt you are! I'm sure she's not reading your blog either. Happy to hear that you are now back in i-phone land! Yes....I felt your pain too. Sending goodies your way tomorrow.