17 November 2008

Thanksgiving: Timing the Turkey

Whew. The video did NOT run for 2 hours. I really didn't think it would but I couldn't resist checking out the turkey-cooking video advertised in my email from Tom Thumb. (Video was 3.5 minutes.)

And even though I figured it was the turkey that takes 2 hours, not the video, I was curious as to why it would take only 2 hours to cook a bird.

Hang onto your hat. The recommended oven temperature is 475 degrees.

When did that become acceptable? The video also advised placing a meat thermometer all the way down to the bone. When did that become acceptable?

OK. So, maybe I don't keep up with the culinary arts. Maybe I don't actually have a meat thermometer anymore. And the video lady also had an oven thermometer, which I certainly have never had. Well, as long as we're itemizing, I also don't have the V-shaped rack needed for this roasting instruction. Nor the kosher salt. Nor the pepper.

I have olive oil. And the video.

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lil chef said...

First off....you wouldn't use the kosher salt if you had it so don't go out and buy any!! Use some salt-free seasoning blend that you and Tom like. Or you can use a combination of herbs for a salt-free choice as well. I like Tom Thumb but some of that sounds kind of fishy to me. Never insert the thermometer all the way to the bone. Are you sure you're cooking the turkey this year?? You could post pics on the blog

Lillian Chenoweth said...

I love that lil chef thinks you are really cooking. I will not tell her otherwise. Our videos would have been better. Should we re-think?