12 November 2008

Air Travel: Business & Y Fares

flyertalk.com has more talk than you can imagine, mostly about flying but with a few ancillary discussions on other travel topics, too. I meandered into a forum for British Airways customers and learned about how classes of flying are interpreted by business travelers during an economic downturn.

  • Many companies are flatly ruling that only Y airfare will be booked during the downturn. (Y=economy class)
  • Most forum participants (may not be the same as most employees) acknowledge that everyone must help to cut costs and therefore are flying Y.
  • Some forum participants suggest that if one were smart enough to negotiate a J travel policy when accepting the job, one should insist on it being honored. (J=business class)
  • And a couple of strong voices reply that such behavior just might land one on the next-layoff list.

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