08 November 2008

Air Travel: Too Many Empty Seats

I'm like most travelers my age: I cheer when I find an empty seat next to me on a plane. But as this photo indicates, some flights today have too many empty seats.

For perhaps 5 years, I saw nothing but full and over-full flights—routinely. In 2008 (to date), I have been on at least 4 flights with "elbow room," meaning I've had an empty seat next to me. And on 2 flights, now, I've seen more than half of seats on the plane empty. Half of my flights this year have been full but I don't recall that any of them were over-sold.

As a flight attendant said to me on the plane seen above, "I enjoy a light flight but I'd rather see my company making money."

By the way, the plane was heading to Orlando. In 22 years of flying in and out of Orlando, I have never seen a flight less than full, until this week.

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