02 November 2008

Stainless Steel BPA-free Water Bottle

Boomers learned about plastic from The Graduate but it took decades for us to learn about BPA. Today, we look for ways to avoid Bisphenol-A along with the other worries of the day (cadmium, lead, and, yes, these are the substances Tom Bold wrote theses on 30 and 40 years ago).

I chose thinksport as my BPA-free water bottle, replacing my daily supply of 1 to 2 plastic bottles from the grocery store. My first purchase was the model 350ml (12oz) and my quick reaction was, this is too small.

Then I spent a bit more money and bought the 750ml version (25oz) and my quick reaction was, this is too large. But the built-in handle makes the size tolerable for carrying and so that's the size I ordered for holiday gifts.

The insulated thinksport maintains hot/cold for hours and I am quite charmed by the mesh filter that blocks ice.

In spite of all this spending, I can also report that overall I'm saving money because I have taken bottled water off the shopping list.

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Lillian Chenoweth said...

You have made B and E both very happy. B made the switch last fall when I was there to purchase the replacement bottles. However, this post does follow your "disposable laptop" post. We can't call you green yet.

becky said...

It's nice to hear that people are actively going out to purchase these BPA free waterbottles. Not only are you protecting your health but you are also decreasing your carbon footprint on the environment. You should also check out Aladdin's Sustain line of products. These are all BPA free and have a wide variety of selections when it comes to products that are reusable and recyclale. It is a good alternative for ppl who prefer recyclable plastics to stainless steel.