22 November 2008

Market Rally Aside... Aisles are Empty

News of a market rally was welcome yesterday but in early evening I had this stark view of a super store. I was there to pick up solar Christmas lights. About three couples my age were there picking up similarly small packages. It was a sober reminder that a little Wall Street news is just... a little news.

On a brighter note, my bookstore was bustling. I located two copies of The House at Sugar Beach and enjoyed huge savings thanks to coupons that landed in my email Inbox the day before. The clerk commented, "You have them, too! I've been getting these all day."

Now, here's my own testimony: these were the first emailed coupons I have ever printed out and taken to a store. That says a lot about baby boomers' reaction to the current economic climate, and also a little something about how retailers can stimulate sales in the near future.

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