31 August 2008

Boomers and Their Bikes

OHM (ohmcycles.com) brings us the electric bike. Can you see its motor? At 50 pounds, the power assist is a disadvantage on a steep uphill but an advantage on whole. How quickly can resorts stock up for boomers like me? (Please add a great seat, by the way.)

Power can be generated through use of brakes (think Prius) but most users will need to re-charge the battery with an electric plug-in, too. How quickly can park systems install charging stations on long bike trails? Will my city offer free electric outlets on streets?

A boomer woman friend rides a scooter to work and I admire her (and her $4/month gasoline bill). And the last couple of deans I had (also boomer women) rode motorcycles to work. Clearly, our generation is open to bikes of all sorts. I predict we'll adopt the electric bicycle, too.

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1 comment:

Lillian Chenoweth said...

Please post a picture of yourself on such a bike. And, will you be sharing your mileage?