01 September 2008

Boomers Going to Class at the Apple Store

In July I went to a west coast Apple store for iPhone class (San Francisco), and in August I went east coast (D.C. environs). The fact that I am drawn to Apple's free product trainings is no surprise. I'm a boomer.

And so are the other people showing up for class. My weekend class was at the Tysons Corner Center in Virgina where 14 other people had gathered for the training. Four couples, 60-ish to 70-ish, were there, with half of every couple taking notes. Everyone else was at least 40, by my estimation. The instructor was also a boomer and very obviously the oldest employee on site: graying hair. Is this Apple?

The web example in the training was similarly generation-typical: cnn.com. And the top tip was the "double-tap" whereby users can make the tiny type of the Safari browser big enough to read. You can't tell me a younger generation would stand for that example (or that tip). But no younger generation is attending, of course.

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