04 September 2008

Job Searching After Retirement

I'm reviewing a number of employment web sites that promise a focus on "seniors," retirees, and boomers in general. I'll detail more in future posts, but wanted to share this one not so much from the job angle as the information angle.

Retired Brains

I found myself reading the short informational pages. Yes, even the one on Arthritis Pain. But to stay focused on the work issue, check out Start Your Own Business for a nice set of web links.

On my searches of employment web sites so far, I'm finding few listings for telecommuting except for the typically spammy "work from home and earn $11,000/month" opportunities.

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art koff said...

As the founder/CEO of RetiredBrains I'd very much like input and suggestions of what we might add as far as content is concerned.

Suggestions and criticism should be directed to me at artkoff@rcn.com

By the way traffic is up enormously during the past months. Assume it is because of the devaluation in home prices and retirement savings coupled with the increase in inflation and huge costs of health care even after Medicare kicks in.

People planning their retirement just don't have the money to live the lifestyle they anticipated and find they must work a bit longer.