23 September 2008

Searching for Salaries

Calculating what you're worth in a job may not be possible but just finding out the general range of salaries of people already doing the work is do-able. These are the online resources I used to compare salaries for my most recent position and to help me evaluate some of the other opportunities I am now exploring.

1. General (but free) online calculator: SalaryExpert organizes data by geography and my test really did produce distinct answers for different locales (I used only the Broad Salary Range option).

2. More detailed (but still free): I found more focused data collection at PayScale and I especially like their "Confirm" options as they clarify the information entered. The interface also collects data according to number of hours per week, which is of high interest to baby boomers seeking a change in careers but not necessarily starting in a full-time position. At the end of data entry, look for the hyperlink for "No thanks...just show my salary report" if you don't want to create an account. (The account is free and anonymous; applause to PayScale for sharing the data without requiring that we become part of the database permanently.)

3. More complex (but still free): Department of Labor statistics are extensive for wage estimates. Where appropriate, estimates are broken down by hourly or annual salaries (looking at both medians and averages). I like to go through the State view, but the site allows just about any approach you can think of.

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