13 September 2008

Beach Shoes: Boomer Woman Goes to Aruba

Which of these shoes is not like the others? Traveling to beaches means gathering the right equipment. And shoes. You get one guess as to which pair of shoes I had to borrow for last week's trip to Aruba. You get three guesses as to who provided me with said shoes.

Aruba is a hot island, out of hurricane territory. I went in the hottest month, at 93 degrees F, although that's only 10 degrees more than the rest of the year. It is low season for a bit longer, so the prices are good, at about $150/night. By resort standards, food is cheap, and so are taxis. Most tourists are couples or families, but I was comfortable traveling alone. The age range is broad, from young honeymooners to aging boomers, some of whom may have been on honeymoons, too, of course. I found myself longing for a rental car, and another week, too.

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