12 September 2008

Personal Technology: The Mino

The Mino (by The Flip) is among the smallest video cameras you can pocket, literally. But it comes with a pouch and that's a more protective storage case than your pocket. I haven't used a home video camera for years (about 10). I've used them in my work in distance learning but those were expensive items that invariably involved a half-dozen people in a project. The lure of the Mino for my personal use was in its size, promised ease of use, and price.

  • My favorite feature: transfer from camera to computer is accomplished by literally plugging the camera into a USB slot. No cables. After insertion, the software to view and edit starts automatically.
  • My favorite color: isn't really white. But when I learned that the savings in choosing white was $35, well, I went for the 25% discount.

Sharing a short video is almost as easy as making one. The below video was created on the Mino this week in Aruba, transferred to my laptop, edited to get the length down to 34 seconds, and uploaded to this blog. Total time: 10 minutes. (I also converted the video to Flash using a user-friendly conversion utility. I prefer the look of the Flash file but that conversion increased file size by factor of 8, and the blog site doesn't accept SWF files, anyway.)

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kb said...

How cool!

lil chef said...

Pretty impressive! However, I'm not sure I would have gotten close enough to such a creature to have videoed it!

Lillian Chenoweth said...

Who would have thought you could film "Day of the Iguana?" Ben wishes to see something to show scale. We can share salamander pictures but no video.