21 September 2008

Apologetic Boomer's Lawn Care Tips

First, the apology. I must begin with my constant apology to real gardeners. I can only hope that my confessions help you to feel superior to me and thus reduce the level of offense you must feel.

Second, the underlying purpose. While most of my words will indicate a dislike for lawn gardening, it is important that I work in the yard. The activity reminds me to make the next house lawn-free. In our last home shopping we thought we would downsize but ended up with a house almost double the size and a yard triple the size. Only through continued pain will I learn the lesson and make this my last yard.

Third, the tips. My tips for other boomers who are tending their last yard:

1 - Use a mower that operates on battery power. It is lightweight compared to gas-powered machines and doesn't have the hassle of a cord that comes with electric mowers. Now, the real plus of the battery-powered machine is that it runs for only 40 minutes. That's my limit, too.

2 - Mow at different hours of the day. People who care actually track moisture content of the lawn and have reasons for cutting the grass at just the right time. My tip is much simpler: at different times of day, I find shade for every part of my lawn. I aim to be in it for most of my lawn work.

3 - When my enthusiasm for the work wanes, I remind myself that I could pay a gym for a similar amount of exercise. It also reminds of a story from a friend: "On one side of the patio door was my husband hoisting bundles of shingles up a ladder to the roof, and on the other side of the door was my son lifting weights in the air conditioned family room. Guess what I said?"

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Anonymous said...

what baby boomer is up at 3AM posting blogs? I guess there's ample shade to mow the lawn at this hour.

Mary Bold said...

I love the image your comment created! Yes, lots of shade at 3am and welcome cool in Texas. Alas, it's not actually me posting at 3am but an automated blogging software tool. I started out posting at 6am (again, automatically) but an early-rising friend commented that she just hated having to wait in the morning for a new post. Wow. Someone wanting to read ANYTHING before 6am? That's when I set the timer to 3am.