05 September 2008

Computer Size Across a Boomer's History

Personal technology. The Sociologist knows this blog includes mention of personal technology about once a week. She requested treatment of this topic: size of computers she has used.

Walking to work. Over a period of 35 years, The Sociologist (yes, social scientists use computers, too) has seen computers shrink. In her graduate school years, she walked to the computer. It was the sort that shuffled cards and, yes, it filled the entire room. Her access was in the 1970s. The computer of the 1980s was a desktop style and called a "personal computer." She still walked to it.

And then came portability: The 1990s gave us laptops and The Sociologist saw it not just in personal terms but in broader terms: "social mobility" had new meaning. She also recognized the lure of the technology as she jumped at the chance for use of a laptop by joining a pilot program at the university. As she recalls, "I would have done anything they asked."

And then came mobile computing: Today, The Sociologist computes on a cell phone. As long as she can pick up a signal, she can teach a class on the web, communicate with students via email, and even twitter.

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