26 September 2008

Personal Technology: The Chair

Anyone keeping up with ergonomic research already knows that choice of chair ranks right up there with keyboard placement. I use 3 different chair styles for computing but the one pictured here is the best looking. And it's an award winner. It is the Cachet by Steelcase. It comes in various colors and has choice of wheels or none.

I discovered the chair in a Stanford classroom (during a conference). The speaker explained that the new high tech classrooms were outfitted with Cachet chairs, which proved popular with students. Another handy classroom feature was the ultra lightweight table that hung on the wall (with legs collapsed) when not in use. The most handy feature was the data projection software that allowed students on laptops to "push" their displays up to the main screen for everyone in the room to view.

I couldn't reproduce all those features back at my home institution, but I could start buying Cachet chairs for use by grad students in my office. I found sales via mail order, and I purchased 5 chairs over a year's time—only when the price dipped to $250. I bought the wheeled variety for the carpeted office. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm the chump using personal dollars in the workplace but when I retired I brought them home with me. And that's when I found out the most fun aspect of the Cachet: on a hard surface (see cork floor in photo), these chairs fly. Maybe that was the real source of their popularity with the students at Stanford.

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Irene - Scottsdale Realtor said...

I have a yoga ball chair. And love it. It takes a bit to get used to, I have had many people come in my office and fall off the silly thing. Overall, I am much more comfy sitting on it. (and better balanced too)

Mary Bold said...

Irene, thanks for the mental image of people trying out the yoga ball for the first time! I know a young couple that found a yoga ball indispensable for months for "rocking" the new baby. As usual, yoga provides the best benefits for all people.