29 August 2008

Impact of Boomers on the Air Travel Industry

My usual observation around air travel is the changing pace at airports. Not just the slow-down that comes with security lines—but the slow-down in the concourse that comes with an aging population. The conveyance system within terminals is as complex as the one outside on the tarmac. Airports design for our needs today and also for our needs 20 years from now. So, there's vertical conveyance (escalators and elevators) and also the horizontal type: moving walkways. The purpose is two-fold: reduce the distance that aging travelers must walk and also maximize flow throughout a terminal. Airport design also supports increased use of assistive motorized carts as well as the personnel to manage them. The demographics of air travel is clear, regardless of the rising energy costs: more older people will be traveling.

This trip, I noticed another change: increased belt length. That's on the airplane. Yes, the seat belt.

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