10 August 2008

Where to Retire

Search tools online. My most recent test was with AARP's Location Scout, an interactive tool that collects your preferences, then recommends retirement locations. A few years ago, a similar retirement locator recommended New Mexico environs for me. With some family members' having worked at the labs at Sandia and Los Alamos, I had a good idea of what life would be like in that state. This weekend's trial came up with a very different locale: Jackson, Mississippi, on the Natchez Trace. I don't know the town well but I've driven the Parkway several times. What a contrast from New Mexico!

AARP's search criteria now include...broadband Internet access. Would it make a difference in where I locate? Yes. Would it matter to most baby boomers? Yes, else AARP wouldn't be asking.

What makes Jackson extra attractive...Median house price under $160,000.

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