22 August 2008

Portable Home Theatre

High tech homes may come with home theatre, but most of us put the pieces together one at a time, to our benefit. A data projector that is portable can display movies on the living room wall but also travel to vacation locations. (One holiday at a resort, we projected the image of a Christmas tree on the wall.)

A serviceable projector costs $600. Professional quality display will more likely be more than $1000. The sort that is highly visible in a day-lit room will be more than $2000. (Compare lumens.) I have a preference among current technology, for DLP projectors, but I remind myself that we will see these products continuously improve and it's not smart to marry any one variety.

Replacement lamps are expensive. Mine cost almost $400 and still hasn't been used in 4 years. (It does provide great peace of mind but if you don't have a concern about quick replacement, this is a purchase than can be pushed off.) The cost you won't be able to avoid is the computer to provide images for the projector. I have a particular laptop I like for this purpose because it has easy-to-set-up speakers.

Before you buy a projection screen, take the projector home and try it out on various walls. (I actually prefer display on a white or off-white wall, even with the occasional light switch as part of the movie.) Even if you later decide to purchase a screen, you can use the try-out period to determine what dimensions will suit you best. Then, you can shop on the Internet for great prices.

I had help from my friend The Artist in locating a widescreen version through a supplier specializing in sales to churches. The supplier didn't mind a bit that I wasn't a church. I use that screen only outside my home (presenting seminars) because I really do prefer to watch home movies on my home wall.

Little appreciated factoid about data projectors:
In winter, they warm the room for you.

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