09 August 2008

Last Day of Teaching

Stats Class. Yesterday was the last day of my online Stats class, which also marked my last day of teaching for a state institution. It was actually just a long day of a testing room open for the final exam. The day was more about filing grades than teaching.

Ending a teaching gig. There's no easy way to exit a teaching institution. I've known professors who told us "I'm interviewing" (meaning elsewhere) and hoped for a leave-taking and then stayed, after all. On the other extreme were the folks who left quickly and were "Just gone. He's just gone!"

Giving notice. There's a good reason for "two weeks' notice" being two weeks. Not too long, not too short. In higher ed, two weeks is a fraction of the planning year. So, I gave six months. It helped the institution with already announced classes, and it helped students as they adjusted to new research advisors. Good reasons for a long notice. But it does drag things out.

Will the encore career include teaching? Could be. I may go get trained in new systems and teach online. But right now? Some time off Blackboard is OK.

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