14 August 2008

Health Insurance By State

Diversity among the states. That health insurance is a complex matter goes without saying. Add to the complexity with 51 different versions as documented on Georgetown University's website dedicated to the topic.

healthinsuranceinfo.net is a hard-to-read noun string but once you get to the Georgetown website, the reading becomes easier. Use the clickable map on the homepage to access information by state.

The Georgetown guides do a good job of distinguishing between Group and Individual options. I especially like the site's links to recent press clips, most of which apply to baby boomers. Read below the map for these and other updates from the University's Health Policy Institute.

On a personal note: I will leave my employer's group plan in a few weeks and start COBRA coverage. Tom Bold is already on COBRA but is enjoying paid premiums for a spell. As our COBRA premiums become known to us, I will report on them here. I already have some dissonance: my employer's HR Department told me one thing, the State retirement office told me another thing, and just this week I uncovered text from my original hiring paperwork that presents another COBRA story. I have promised myself that I will keep a log of time spent on health insurance issues. I think a complexity measure is called for, too.

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scormeny said...

to healthinsuranceinfo.net, Mary!

I'm the site's webmaster and found you through a Google News Alert. Your comments about what you liked are really helpful, I appreciate it.

If we usually spelled it out HealthInsuranceInfo.net, do you think that would be helpful? Or is it just the sort of hard-to-spell, too-long handful that can't be fixed, do you think? I am always looking for ways to make the site more user-friendly.

Thanks again, and all my best wishes for good health and happiness.

Mary Bold said...

And it's great to hear from webmasters who care! I do think that some caps sprinkled into the domain name would help but most of us who have built pages for universities can relate to the restraints: long institutional names and heavy reliance on .edu, .net, and .org identifiers. Your site content is great and your public service is unquestioned. Those are pretty impressive accomplishments.