21 August 2008

Emu Oil: Not Medical Advice

Not medical advice. Would I give medical advice to anyone? Of course not. I have no medical training and I only suffer from maladies. And yet I feel compelled to mention one more time my fascination with emu oil.

Doctor's nonchalance. I was prepared to do whatever was necessary about my painful knees. Physical therapy, surgery, medication. Write me up, Doc, I'm ready. The doctor was not impressed. He assured that the knees felt and sounded normal for my age—and would only get worse. He suggested over-the-counter analgesics.

Boomers demand better. Baby boomers, as a generation, demand a lot more than OTC meds. We want improvement, preferably the transformational kind. What we don't like hearing is that something is "only going to get worse."

Emu oil: As I have mentioned before on this blog, it was a masseuse who told me about emu oil in the form of Blue Emu. (I don't own stock.) And about 2 weeks later, my friend The Sociologist told me that a woman on a treadmill next to her talked about the same product. This means that so far I have heard only boomer women talk about emu oil. (No doctors.)

So, not medical advice: I'm not saying emu oil will help your creaky knees. And I'll acknowledge that it did nothing for The Sociologist's elbow. But I use it twice a day and I felt a difference when I stopped. (I now stock up and travel with it, too.) ~ Lida

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