16 August 2008

Frozen Blueberries

So, frozen is more affordable.
These 16 ounces cost $4.59, which puts boomer health at a better price point. (I wouldn't care to debate the quality issue per my last blueberry post.)

Eat slightly frozen. Even the plastic pouch advises that you thaw the berries only a little before eating them. I think it was our generation that figured out the superiority of frozen fruit. Grapes in childhood were room temperature. By my early adulthood (in the '70s), we were freezing them for best snacking. A real chef reads this blog. She'll know.

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1 comment:

lil chef said...

I feel compelled to comment since you are still seeking blueberries...best buy for them is currently at Sam's Club. I bought a 2 pound box for $6.88 last week. However, that does not take into account the gas required to get there nor the membership fee.