01 August 2008

And It's a Mirror, Too

iPhone thickness and other characteristics. iGot the iPhone on the day that (apparently) lots of phones became available in Texas. Since then I have checked out the advertising claims. My purpose today was to give you a visual of the thickness but I could not get a good shot. You see, the backside of my G3 is very reflective. That's why the image above is more about the ceiling of my house than the iPhone. I have some artist friends who will praise me for letting go of the purpose and capturing a great shot of the dome. (We live in a geodesic dome and those blue spots are a couple of skylights amid the ceiling spines. I have no idea why they are blue here.)

Still pretty thick. The phone is not as light as I expected it to be. Post-air and -touch (Apple's very thin computer and iPod), I imagined a thinner iPhone. So, I had to return to the Apple website to see why I thought that. Aha... the ad for the iPhone G3 is "Twice as fast. Half the price." I do believe I invented a different "half" statement in my pre-purchase dreaming.

But very fast: This phone delivers on Internet speed. I haven't checked the stats; I'm just reacting to first impression. But I don't think I'm wrong about this part of the advertising.

Half the price: The half price status refers to the smallest of the G3s. That's the one I bought. Added cost-savings can come in the form of a FAN discount on service if you are part of a group that has an arrangement with AT&T. My local AT&T store was able to confirm that AARP is on the fan list and they promised to apply it to my account just as soon as they can find someone within AT&T to confirm the discount percentage. I'm a tad frustrated that a communications company could not dig up that factoid during the course of a 45-minute phone set-up. (Check out your employment and memberships to see if there's a FAN option for you, too.)

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