06 August 2008

Very Cool Hearing Aids

You've thought of it, too. Why not a hearing aid that looks like bluetooth cell phone? Better, why not the hearing aid integrated with the phone? Happily, there's a tech community exploring all this: Hearing Aid Hacking at LiveJournal.

When commercially viable... Like many technologies, this one will mature when it can clearly make money. That's where the baby boomers come in. Some boomers already use hearing aids (HAs). Some should be using HAs. And at least half of us will eventually use HAs. Half of all boomers. Oh, my. What a market.

Technology in place: Bluetooth devices already serve people with cochlear implants (there's an external unit that communicates with the implanted unit) but the cost is in the thousands. New bluetooth-enhanced HAs start in the hundreds of dollars. We're sure to see a range of prices as the technology advances because there will be a lot of options. The bottom line is that bluetooth devices will outperform traditional hearing aids just in time for a market that is accustomed to custom ordering its purchases.

And we will look very cool, too.

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