05 August 2008

Got Back-Up?

Backing up your iPhone. Just a quick note today on the downside of having two iPhones in the house. I could hear Tom Bold grumbling from his perch at the kitchen bar. Clearly, he didn't like the interface between phone and iTunes and his PC, named Big Baby when I owned it and renamed Igor since Tom inherited it. Nice, big 17" screen. Has a camera. Runs XP. Slight overheating problem (which is why Tom inherited it) that keeps him pretty busy with work-arounds. But apparently quite satisfactory for The Game and thus a good laptop for him to use as his iPhone back-up, as well.

At least it would be if he were backing up his iPhone. He wasn't, of course. I strolled through the kitchen looking for my new G3. Found Tom's old G1 on the counter. That could only mean that the phone he was grumbling about was... mine.

Genuine surprise on his face: I was cool. "That my phone you're sync-ing?" He was silent and then, "actually that's your phone I've been deleting things from." Yeah, well, we could have done a factory restore on the G1 when Tom took it over. But we didn't, so that he could benefit from my Contacts. Until he saw how many there were and he determined that he didn't want to know that many people. And that's where the deleting came in.

What it reminded me of: Ethan at age 9. Yes, Tom looks a whole lot older but they are enough alike that the "genuine surprise" registers the same way. My memory is clear: Ethan was just showing his cousin Josh what he learned at computer camp. "How to reformat the C drive." Except that Ethan didn't have his own C drive and therefor reformatted mine. He then learned about data. And other people's data. And I learned about backing up. ~ Lida

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Katy said...

haha. That is funny. I bet your contacts are synced on your MacBook Pro.

Lillian Chenoweth said...

I see a distinct trend here. Tom gets old Big Baby. Tom gets old iPhone. What is to be tossed his way next? Syncing has never been my best thing - remember PDA woes??

Carol said...

I, too, remember "the re-format."

That is when Tom first got "Norton," right? I was amazed at all that could be recovered!