28 March 2009

Weekend Readers: Your Personal Advisory

If you are reading this on the Saturday it is published, you are the intended recipient for this message: Boomer Woman Blog appreciates your dedicated attention. I track the stats and I know that the weekend readership represents the most consistent readership. So, you're the folks who will notice the change in publication schedule. (Figured I had better explain to you up front.)

Starting this coming week, Boomer Woman Blog will go on a schedule of twice-weekly posts. Look for new blogs on Mondays and Fridays. (Those happen to be the busiest days of the blog.)

Having been current with new posts daily for more than 8 months, Boomer Woman Blog has crossed the mark of 270 posts. That's an adequate backlog of searchable posts, which permits a change in level of entries. Twice a week posting will continue to build the repository at a satisfactory rate.

I could have simply gone to the new schedule and not announced it. But ignore the weekend readers? Heavens, who would dare?

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