08 March 2009

Mud Room Basics with Sherman

Sure, it looks minor now. But imagine about 10 more times out the door, into the kiddie pool, and then back to the mud room. Aha! Now, I know what a mud room is!

I am tending Sherman for a week. This reminds of tending small children except that my children never tried to chew my shoes. Sherman attempts this while I am wearing them.

I have some goals for Sherman.

Montessori Dog. He will learn to put his toys away. Ethan says this is possible but will take a lot of work.

Polite Dog. He will learn to respect humans and not jump on them. The trainer at puppy school says this is possible but will take a lot of work.

Clean Dog. He will learn to clean his paws before leaving the mud room. No one is encouraging me that this is possible. But I once had a neighbor whose small dog walked 10 circles on a rug before entering the house, dirt-free.

This week? The goal is to protect my shoes.

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lil chef said...

Good luck!