05 March 2009

Homeless concern

A friend in Missouri wrote to me with a concern she and her husband have:

I was reading your blog... Hotel Whitcomb, etc., and speaking about the homeless... For the past few months, a young couple has been coming to our house looking for work/money. They said they are homeless. He is an unemployed construction worker. His wife has health issues and cannot work. He tries to earn $20 a day so they can get a room for the night. There are no couples' shelters in our town—there is nothing for women unless they are battered. I checked with a food bank about that and what they say, is true.

We have given them $20 - $25 from time to time. The other night they came by at nearly midnight. We feel terrible for the couple. However, we feel, it is not a solution to just give them money. So. I got on the Internet and the phone and found some resources for them. They haven't been back, yet. I have the page I printed up right by the door for them. I still feel badly planning on not giving them money the next time; however, eveything I read and everyone I spoke with said, "Do not give them money." I hope things get better for everyone in the near future!

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